Friday, April 24, 2015

Recipe Gone Wrong.

Sometimes things in the kitchen go (extremely) wrong. Like today's post was supposed to be Black Bean Burritos with a Creamy Cilantro-Jalepeno sauce. Last night I went to start the grill to grill the chicken that had to be in them. Well a few things went wrong and the gril may or may not have blew up in my face. My eyelashes, eyebrows, and the front of my hair got singed pretty good. I was so upset I just finished making the recipe but didn't take any pictures or feel like making the post. So today's post is just mostly going to be on kitchen safety.

Kitchen safety is something that you learn in middle school life skills class. Back then it was simple stuff like; make sure you wear oven mitts when grabbing stuff out of the oven, washing your hands, cover cuts, and put your hair up. Easy right? Well while those are very important to keep you and the people eating your food safe, there are more skills you should learn to make sure you don't get your eyebrows burnt off.

1.) Know your appliances.

I'm going to start with this one first, for my incident last night. Make sure you know how to use your ovens and stoves, and especially your grill. Make sure you're super careful with stoves that are open flame, and know how to light your grill; don't just guess.

2.) Don't cross contaminate.

This rule is very relevant for people with allergies, or when working with raw meat. When working with raw meat and when you have to use cutting boards, knives or any other mixing/cutting utensil, bowls, or plates to bring raw meat out to grill, switch objects out for new ones or make sure you thoroughly clean them with soap. Same thing applies with your guest when they have allergies you have to watch out for, clean or get new utensils. If you cross contaminate you can get people very sick or even threaten their lives.

3.) Sanitation is key.

Keep your space clean and tidy. Not only does it look bad when your guests come over for dinner but it can also be dangerous. Wash your hands continuously, cover open cuts with bandaids, wipe off counters, clean your stove, microwave, and oven often, and keep up with your dirty dishes.

Thanks for checking in, 
Don't burn your face off!

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